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Pupils are admitted at the beginning of January to April every year. No admission is made unless the child qualifies the admission test in compulsory subjects for the class in which the child is seeking access followed by personal interaction with parents/guardians. Candidates coming from other states have to get their school leaving certificate, countersigned by the education authorities/inspector of the school of that state/area.

The minimum age of admission in class Nursery is 3+ as of April 1st of the year. The student seeking access is required to apply in the prescribed form along with the following certificate/documents.

  • Birth Certificate and vaccination certificate (Original) for class Pre-Nursery / Nursery / K.G. & 1st.

  • School leaving certificate duly countersigned by the Education Authority of the State / Areas

  • Progress report from the school last attended.

  • Aadhar Card photocopy.

  • Address proof.

(1): Withdrawal From School

A clear one-month notice in writing or one-month fee in lieu of the notice is necessary for the withdrawal of a student from the school. All outstanding dues will have to be cleared before the school Transfer Certificate is issued.

(2): Re-admission
An application for re-admission giving reason may be considered by the Principal. No claim for seat shall be entertained. The Principal may refuse readmission without assigning any reason.

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Admission Form

Note: The form provided below is only for registering you with us for a short period of time on the basis of limited seats available in school. To take permanent admission please visit the school.


Thanks For Submitting!

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